The current method of investing used by the majority doesn’t work. The math shows that returns needed just to break even is practically impossible to attain and maintain year after year when you consider inflation, taxes, and fees - and that is just to break even! The ultra-wealthy use a completely different method of investing called “The WealthQ Method.”

It was built from the ground up to make the financial system work FOR you instead of AGAINST you. This method recognizes that YOU are the real asset in this game of finance. You are the one who can generate wealth. The investors that master how to use The WealthQ Method effectively are called the Debt Millionaires.

The result of this powerful method is that the majority of people are transferring their wealth to these Debt Millionaires without knowing it! This is not done with bad intention by the Debt Millionaires, it’s simply due to the ignorance of most investors that use the traditional methods of investing.

This book introduces the reader to this very powerful and different perspective, a completely new method of investing that is built to allow the investor to meet their financial goals, automatically, and it’s backed by numbers!

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